Interactive Imaginative Play set! Enhanced with Augmented Reality App

AniMatesTM Combines traditional action figures, augmented reality and smart devices to create an innovative and original play experience. There toys in one, Animates can be played with as an action set, a smart device app only, or a combination of both. Children will creatively play with the figurines and color oversized theme bassed play-board, creating countless tales in their minds eye. AniMates augmented reality app interfaces with the playboard to bring character to life in both your child’s play environment and on-screen in your smart device. each character s capable of both exciting sounds and movement, many of which are user controlled. each anmiates theme also includes interactive games to complement children’s virtual experience. Combining age old toys and modern technology, animates will provide hours of imaginative interaction and play for children of all ages

Traditional toys enhanced by 21st century technology

  • Limitless play scenarios available
  • Cultivates Imaginative “Hands-on” 3-Dimensional play and device dexterity
  • Full color foldable board message 36×36
  • Works on all apple iOS and Android Devices
  • Intended for children aged 5-6
  • 3 Toys Experiences in 1 Handy set
  • Each set includes 24-32 durable plastic action figures
  • Free iOS & Android Apps

Multiple Themes Available

Priate – Skull Island | Farm – Acres of Fun | Dinoasurs | Fairy/Princess – My Pretty Princess | Knights of the Realm | Sunrise Safari | Toy Soldiers | Construction Crew | Emergency Responders | Wild West